Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all types of direct and indirect skills driven services we offer and we reserve the right to end our relationship with you if you provide us with any false information.

Also note that we have the right to review these terms and condition at any time without prior notice.

The terms "you", "your", "yourself" and "yours" refer to the individual person or corporation who makes use of our services.
Connectskills.com.ng provides a platform that allows service seekers (individuals and organizations) to search for service providers who are registered on our website to solve their service needs. In addition, we conduct skills acquisition trainings for individuals and organizations and sensitize our customers and the general public via newsletters.
For our do it yourself service, as a service seeker you agree to bear the responsibility of confirming the competence of service providers before engaging them and making payment. Thereby indemnifying connectskills.com.ng, her owners, partners and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities.
For our VIP service, we assist the service seeker in confirming the competence of service providers before they are engaged and payment made. connectskills.com.ng shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as a result of any such dealings or interactions.
Conenctskills.com.ng as a platform is open for advertisements, however we are not liable for any damage or loss you incur while patronizing the advertiser directly or indirectly.
Service Provider is the individual or organization that has voluntarily registered on our platform to make services/skills available for the public who may be in need of such.
Service Seeker is the individual or organization (whether registered with us or not) who is either searching for services/skills, a service provider or who uses this website in any other way.
User Account is an account opened in this website by a service provider/service seeker and is used to access the Service provided by this website.


Please we implore you to read this privacy policy carefully before using any of our services or materials which include both online and offline materials including but not limited to our websites;our blogs, our social media handles,our SMS services; our newsletters and training materials.
We reserve the right to review this privacy policy at any time without prior notice.
We ensure we are informative in our approach to rendering services to you, however we shall not be liable in case of information we got through our services which may be interpreted as personal or private. Hence if you find any of such information which you wish not to share with the public, kindly contact us within 30 working days of publicizing such information to enable us take it down.
You agree to indemnify us of all damages and losses in the course of our dealing with you and that connectskills.com.ng is not in any way responsible for the usage of all such information gathered via our platforms as it relates to personal, businesses, third parties provided by you or such others not directly from connectskills.com.ng or representing her interests (we advise you review our terms and conditions and not to proceed if you don't agree to indemnify us).


The following are mediums through which we get information.

1. Request for personal data which include name, contact number, fax number, business name, personal address, business address, website, passwords required to enable you register and log into your connectskills.com.ng account, financial information and all other such information you may wish to make available relating to your business dealing with us to enable you access our services.
2. Your reviews, testimonies and all information you willingly posted in our platform.
3. Business information gotten from our partners, agents, associates and service providers with your permission given to them without the intention of holding such information as personal or private.
4. Logs recorded in the course of your using our services which is used to improve the services we render to you and the general public


We use your information as a requirement in verifying you are a 'real person' before granting you access to our platform; to ensure we provide feedbacks via emails, SMS, calls, newsletters to your questions and suggestions, give you update on promos and service improvements which we feel might be beneficial to you, help you reach out to more people to enhance our publicity as well as yours.
We will not share your information unless we are required by law to do so; you mandate a third party such as your lawyer, banker, and auditor to receive same from us; we perceive your relationship with us as threat damaging to our business or customers resulting from fraudulent activities; we avail such information to our partners and agencies who will be committed to protecting your information as much as we are committed to it.

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